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Made for Developers

Sleek is a lightweight starter theme built on modern technologies.

It uses Composer and NPM for dependency management while Webpack builds your SASS, PostCSS, Babel and optional Vue bundles. Sleek’s HTML5 templates are made to be as clean and semantic as possible, allowing you to start from a clean slate. Sleek also comes with plenty of WordPress patches, OOP Post Type handling and a modular ACF structure.

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Sleek is Modular

Effortlessly create your own modules.

namespace Sleek\Modules;
class MyModule extends Module {
  public function fields () {
    return [
      ['name' => 'title', 'label' => 'Title', 'type' => 'text'],
      ['name' => 'image', 'label' => 'Image', 'type' => 'image'],
      ['name' => 'description', 'label' => 'Description', 'type' => 'wysiwyg']
<section id="my-module">

  <h2><?php echo $title ?></h2>

    <?php echo $image ?>

  <?php echo $description ?>


Sleek ♡ Vue

Sleek supports Vue SFC using the Webpack vue-loader.
Any element with a data-vue attribute will render Vue components.


Sleek comes with over 20 built-in modules.
Like this Instagram one here.

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Latest Posts

Contact Form

This form doesn’t actually go anywhere, it’s just here to show you another built-in module.

The styling of the form comes from SleekUI which is a very lightweight CSS/JS library that you’re free to use. Or not.