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Flexibility & Stability

Sleek is a lightweight and modular WordPress Theme with almost 10 years experience powering everything from small business websites to enterprise platforms.

Sleek allows you to add, remove and rearrange modules as you see fit, without the complexity and design knowledge required by traditional page builders.

Excellent Performance

Sleek follows best practices regarding performance, serving minimal amounts of CSS and JS as well as disabling plenty of unnecessary WordPress fluff.

Feel free to run this site through Pagespeed Insights to see what kind of scores you can expect.

Open Source and Up to Date

Sleek is free, open source and regularly updated.

It is tested with every major WordPress release, often weeks before it actually releases.

Search Engine Friendly

Sleek’s HTML is written to be as semantic as possible and uses heading elements correctly.

Sleek also implements WordPress best practices regarding SEO and works with all the major SEO plug-ins.

Drag and Drop

Sleek offers a drag and drop interface to rearrange modules on the page.

Effortlessly remodel an entire page within seconds.

Module Previews

Always find the right module for the job with clear thumbnails and descriptions.

Developer Friendly

Your developers will appreciate things like dummy modules, a modern toolkit, (optional) built-in Vue support, modularity and up to date documentation.

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